Will rock! Next step after release

April 17, 2017

The project is finally released. Seems, it’s the time to relax.. But NO! All teammates are full of energy and have a lot of new ideas. Everybody is ready for hard working on new game.

At the moment AI Rebellion is released on Early Access on Steam. While programmers team working on update according to community reviews, our manager writing letters for Oculus team about release on Oculus Store, all design department diligently organizes brainstorms dedicated to the theme of new game.

– Let’s create a new shooter!

– I wanna COOL puzzle game at virtual reality!

– Zombie! Meat, madness and a lot of blood and zombies!

Design Department

Thus began several days in a row. As if the Groundhog Day has come and all you team can’t leave this day. During the working day, everyone wrote down thoughts on a common board, and in the evening we collectively selected the best and “killed” other ideas. Such way passed a week.

By the end of the week, we had 13 selected ideas formulated on paper. We had to choose only ONE on them, which we can make in a short time. We spent all the day to make this choice. Something we deleted from the list of ideas because artists couldn’t imagine the final game or programmers told about quantity of problems with one idea or another. A lot of reasons.

As a result of a long discussion, a decision was finally made.

Soon you’ll be able to see the first concepts of our new game in virtual reality about the ancient world. This is all we can say at the moment.


AI Rebellion. First Space simulator with full support of controllers on Steam

April 16, 2017

Large ambitions require great responsibility. How to make games in a small team with hard deadlines and with a result-oriented.


Small team - Big plans

April 13, 2017

Large ambitions require great responsibility. How to make games in a small result-oriented team with tough deadlines.


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