Virtual Architecture

Virtual architecture is a recent revolution possible thanks to new virtual reality goggles such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and even Google Cardboard. Using both next-generation graphics engines and ultra-realistic models we can now create a virtual environment and operate as if we were effectively there, allowing to visualize apartments, restorations, shops and houses that are still in planning stages.

What is it?

  • Full immersion in virtual reality
  • Space on a scale of 1: 1
  • Absolute accuracy of display of the materials: the surfaces (walls, floors, furniture) look as REAL
  • The opportunity to change the material in real time and select all of them “for yourself”
  • The opportunity to see the room at miscellaneous time of day (morning, evening, midnight)
  • Interaction with some objects at the environment

Opportunities for you

  • Virtualization is a fresh and interesting occasion for the customer to make the first contact with you.
  • The ability to show an unlimited number of planning solutions and finishes in one equipped room, and therefore do not need to build showrooms or sightseeing samples.
  • The image of the virtual apartment is built on a scale of 1: 1, so the customer can appreciate the comfortable layout and feel himself in its space without the inconvenience of going to the sightseeing facility. This helps to make a purchasing decision.
  • WOW-effect of the customers due to the tremendous effect of presence.
  • Possibility to walk around the territory of the surrounding land and assess the harmony of the object’s entry into the landscape.
  • Unique opportunity to choose materials for walls, floor and different objects without presence loosing.
  • The customer can see his future house with different lighting (morning, evening, midnight)

How it’s looking

Project Example

Project Example

How to get this

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