Small team – Big plans

April 13, 2017

In our small team there are people from different age groups and with completely different beliefs, not to mention the fact that the experience in the gaming industry was not present for each and every member, and the experience in virtual reality creation had only units. From the first day, each person was placed within a certain time limits and limitations.

Only in such conditions we can find out who is capable of what.

Founder and CEO, Elena.

From the very beginning, each member of the team took on several functions at once. 3d artist ended up with editing the game teaser, the level-designer was engaged in coordinating the work of the team, and the concept artist in the middle of the process began to study programs for texturing and faced the task “to texture the cabin of the spaceship. Deadline – tomorrow morning”. Successfully performed it, by the way. Programmers filled out the documentation for the release of the game, and the art director set up animations directly in the game engine.
Thus, each took on as much as he could handle, without getting out of the working schedule.

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As you could see, each member of the team was tested in multitasking conditions. Now, after several months of painstaking work, it’s safe to say that the team worked well.
Now, we are all looking forward to Steam approval for the release of our game to share it with players around the world, which we were able to achieve with diligence in a couple of months working in a small and friendly team.


Will rock! Next step after release

April 17, 2017

That feeling, when you think you can relax, but NO.


AI Rebellion. First Space simulator with full support of controllers on Steam

April 16, 2017

Large ambitions require great responsibility. How to make games in a small team with hard deadlines and with a result-oriented.


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