AI Rebellion. First Space simulator with full support of controllers on Steam

April 16, 2017

Finally, for the team, it’s the day when we can exhale. The game development process has come to an end, all resources for achievements and for banners on the Steam Store have been prepared. The long-awaited response from Steam is received and the game is officially approved. Today the game was released on Steam in the Virtual Reality category under Oculus and HTC Vive with full support for controllers.

More information is available on the game page and on the page in the Steam store.

And just some more information: at the moment we are preparing all resources needed to release on Oculus Store.


Will rock! Next step after release

April 17, 2017

That feeling, when you think you can relax, but NO.


Small team - Big plans

April 13, 2017

Large ambitions require great responsibility. How to make games in a small result-oriented team with tough deadlines.


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