AI Rebellion. The Beginning

Март 03, 2017

Each time, in the beginning of development, the most difficult is the choice of the direction of development and the theme of the new game. In particular, it is rather difficult to determine the direction, when the team has not yet managed to work together, and the market has not yet been studied.

At the beginning of our journey, the team was very small, a couple of programmers and artists — that was the whole team.

The experience of VR-development had had only the leading developer, the rest of the team had been encountered with virtual reality for the first time. The mission for the analysis of the VR-games market and the choice of the main development direction was assigned directly to him.

After two days of stormy discussions we decided that it is necessary to make a strategy in the style of»@sci-fi», when the main player controls an army of fighters and ground-attack aircraft in the outer space. The artists created first drawings, and programmers began to prepare the basis for the projects future.

The first prototype and several models of ships were ready in a couple of weeks.
However, as it sometimes happens, good ideas must be killed for the benefit of quality. After a month of development, it was decided to change the concept completely and instead of a space strategic game the team switched to developing a space action-simulator game using the developments that existed already at that point of time. Since the new idea was born in the game, the script writer was invited and the team has expanded. We only had a month to implement the completely new idea. Programmers rushed to write control of the ships, the game designer was in a hurry to rewrite the script for future gameplay, and the manager rushed to build a plan and schedule his work so as to meet the deadline. I will say beforehand that we were not able to finish the project on time, and even a few sleepless nights at the office did not save the situation, it took us several days more than planned.
This is the story of how in a bit more than 2 months, the team prepared a project for Steam Early Access and continued to prepare it for the final release.

— We can’t make this in 2 months!
— We don’t have choice.

Immergity Team

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