Built exclusively for VR, Spartan puts you in the midst of ancient Greek myths! Become a true Greek hero and fight in real time with swords, shields and spears versus legendary creatures of Hades!

Gameplay Details

  • An exciting adventure you’d never forget!
  • Epic, brutal and immersive melee combat!
  • Block, parry, stab, slice, throw spears and use magic!
  • Put on sandals of Hermes and fly like a bird!
  • Meet awesome ancient world with any of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive!

The Story

Are you ready to dive into the world of ancient Greece? Have your ever wanted to feel what was it like to be in the shoes of the legendary Greek heroes?

Waking up in the hold of your own ship in shackles and armed with magical artifacts of Hermes, you will under his patronage undergo a series of tests and save the little that survived in the battle of the Titans.

Gameplay Screenshots

Spartan VR - First Gameplay Video (Beta)

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